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our high quality organic agricultural products from Taiwan!

Lying on the beautiful Pacific Ocean, and featuring both tropical and subtropical climates, Taiwan is a treasure island with bountiful produce every season and is well known for its production technologies, innovation efforts , and quality management in agriculture. Therefore, “MIT” agricultural products and processed food are popular on the global market for its distinctive, novel, high quality, and multiple international certifications.


Taiwan organic agricultural products,
a new and
wonderful choice, satisfy for your craving!

Taiwan has reached organic equivalency agreements with Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada in a bid to supply high-quality and delicious organic agricultural products and processed food. So that certified organic products from Taiwan and 5 countries can be imported equally, without further certification.

Under the organic equivalency agreement, we would like to introduce Taiwan’s excellent organic agricultural products to expand internationally through the promotion of advertisement, exhibition, one-on-one partnering, etc., multiple on-line promotion due to COVID-19 used to share the unique and deliciousness of Taiwan organic agricultural products and to earn more business opportunities.


About us

Taiwan Organic Mark has been used to indicate the agricultural product to be organic since 2019 as the "Organic Agriculture Promotion Law" implemented. It’s promoted by Agriculture & Food Agency (AFA), Council of Agriculture to display the diversified organic agri-products from Taiwan.



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