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Moorilla / Domaine A

About Moorilla / Domaine A

As a small island separate from the mainland of Australia, Tasmania has a well-earned reputation as an exceptional winemaking region. Clean, pure water, mineral-rich ancient soils, and long, cool summer days embody our unique growing conditions.
Moorilla Estate owns and operates two of Tasmania’s oldest, finest wineries—Moorilla and Domaine A. Moorilla produces modern wines focused on technique and terroir. Domaine A makes rare, small-batch single-estate Bordeaux-style Cabernet blends.
We use 100% sourced Tasmanian fruit from our three vineyards, St Matthias in the north of the island, and Moorilla and Domaine A in the south.
Currently we export to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, United Kingdom.

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    USD 16.30

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Moorilla / Domaine A

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Canada, Japan

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