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Taiwan Organic Roselle Dessert and Juice

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The Taitung Agricultural Association Food Processing Factory was established seventy-five years ago in the Republic of China. It is a food processing factory registered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. It aims to balance production and sales, reduce price pressure, create added value for agricultural products, and increase farmers' income. It has set up various administrative supply and marketing departments along with agricultural production centers. The scope of services ranges from crop production and marketing to life, and combines local agricultural products and culture to establish a brand of “Southern Anhui”.

Roselle flowers in Taitung are distributed in the valleys of tribal mountain lands. Every day, tribes gather in a valley to collect Roselle flowers and make the shiny rubies of Taitung. Taitung is the main producer of Roselle. Roselle flowers are rich in anthocyanins, flavonoids and polyphenols, which promote beauty, relieve heat, and balance the pH level of the body.  Sweet and sour Roselle tea is the best summer drink in Taiwan.

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