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Angel Yeast Co Ltd

About Angel Yeast Co Ltd

Angel Yeast Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Angel") is a listed, global yeast company founded in 1986 which is headquartered in Yichang, China. As a high-tech manufacturer, Angel specializes in the world-class production of yeast and yeast derivatives and becomes an established and dominant industry player in providing products and services over more than 150 countries within Asia Pacific & Oceania, United States and Europe regions. Angel has 10 international advanced production bases in China, Egypt and Russia and set up 12 technical centres with more than 100 technical engineers providing specialized technical support for the global market. Over more than 30 years’ development and technology advancements, Angel has now become one of the top 3 largest leading yeast manufacturer in the world and a household name in China.

Angel is stepping to the new vision of becoming an international and specialized biotechnology leading company driven by sustainable biotechnology development to innovate for healthy life over the century.

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  1. Instant Dry Yeast (11g x 5 x 60)
    Angel Yeast Co Ltd Instant Dry Yeast (11g x 5 x 60)
  2. Instant Dry Yeast (15g x 30)
    Angel Yeast Co Ltd Instant Dry Yeast (15g x 30)
  3. Instant Dry Yeast (100g x 60)
    Angel Yeast Co Ltd Instant Dry Yeast (100g x 60)
  4. Instant Dry Yeast (125g x 12 x 6)
    Angel Yeast Co Ltd Instant Dry Yeast (125g x 12 x 6)

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Angel Yeast Co Ltd

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