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ParaCypress Tea Co., LTD

About ParaCypress Tea Co., LTD

ParaCypress Tea specializes in tea manufacturing, wholesale, import & export. As a professional tea manufacturer, we provide high-quality tea products to bubble tea chain stores, restaurants, and local tea distributors at competitive prices. We also customize tea flavors according to the needs of clients.

The services we provide are: 
-B2B solutions:
The wholesale packaging of tea is 18kg/bag, our customers from the world purchased in bulk, and repackaging in their own brand names.  
-Small Packaging: 
Some customers will ask us to do the repackaging, therefore we also have packaging machines, we can pack into the small vacuum-sealed bag: 600g, 500g.
-Customized Tea Flavor:
As we are a professional in the tea field for more than 40 years, we can provide customized flavor based on your needs. 
-Bubble Tea Chain Stores Solution:
Our tea is supplying to top-ranking bubble tea chain stores in Taiwan. The total number of stores is over 500.
-High-quality tea for restaurants: 
The Michelin Restaurant in Taiwan selects our tea. 


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ParaCypress Tea Co., LTD

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