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Drizzle Honey

About Drizzle Honey

Drizzle Honey is selectively sourced, completely raw, luxury-wellness honey. Our collections are created using all natural, pure, 100% Canadian honey. Our honeys contain no: artificial ingredients, presevatives, colours, refined sugar, gluten, GMOs or common allergens. 

We have three Collections: The Everyday Collection includes our white and golden raw honeys as well of rounds of pure honeycomb. Sourced from only the purest seasonal nectar, these honeys showcase naturally occuring colours and flavours or raw Canadian honey. The Superfood Honey Collection includes our coveted raw honey blended with organic superfoods to create a health-conscious, functional honey. The Superfood Honey Collection is wellness focused to highlight the unique health benefits of honey and nutrient rich superfoods. Lastly, the Craft Honey Collection boasts our one-of-a-kind craft honeys and gift sets.

All honey is produced using high standards of traceability and food safety practices. Drizzle is a Certified B Corporation™, meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency in the world. Our food safety program includes a CFIA facility, food grade packaging and SQF and HACCP certification. We are Certified Kosher and are a proudly women-owned and run enterprise through our WEConnect International Certification.

Backed by a passionate team, our company is seeking export partners to bring the Drizzle brand worldwide.

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  1. Drizzle Hot Honey- 7kg
    Drizzle Honey Drizzle Hot Honey- 7kg
    Special Price USD 78.80 Regular Price USD 78.87
  2. Drizzle White Raw Honey- 7 kg
    Drizzle Honey Drizzle White Raw Honey- 7 kg
    USD 66.80
  3. Drizzle Mini White Raw Honey- 80g
    Drizzle Honey Drizzle Mini White Raw Honey- 80g
    USD 5.99
  4. Drizzle Mini Turmeric Gold Raw Honey- 80g
    Drizzle Honey Drizzle Mini Turmeric Gold Raw Honey- 80g
    USD 7.99

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Drizzle Honey

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