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Agricultural Corporation, Agros

About Agricultural Corporation, Agros

Agricultural Corporation, Agros started its journey as Happy House in June 2017, later converting into an agricultural corporation in July 2020.

Agricultural Corporation, Agros as a manufacturer of premium tea bags, blending oriental medicinal herbs that have special health functions proven by oriental medicine through continuous research and development, have launched “Haruae Tea” and “Cheonmyeong Tea”.
We have blended in herbs that neutralize toxicity for the safety of our products, and have built a standardized optimum roasting time system for each product established through compatibility studies between combined ingredients; we also removed any issues or side effects through sampling tests and are manufacturing all our products in a carefully prepared clean environment in compliance with national food certification standards. Currently, we are also focusing and investing into our R&D for new products to expand our business into the beauty care sector using oriental medicinal herbs.

With the vision to build a healthy life by blending oriental herbal ingredients from nature at a golden ratio according to efficacy, Agros aims to secure future growth engines by expanding our business areas around the world through our tea and beauty care products using healthy oriental herbal ingredients.

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  1. Cheonmyeong Tea-‘Special Gift’ Package
    Agricultural Corporation, Agros Cheonmyeong Tea-‘Special Gift’ Package
    Special Price USD 29.00 Regular Price USD 33.00
  2. Cheonmyeong Tea-‘Dawn Light’ Package
    Agricultural Corporation, Agros Cheonmyeong Tea-‘Dawn Light’ Package
    Special Price USD 24.00 Regular Price USD 27.00
  3. Kids Tea
    Agricultural Corporation, Agros Kids Tea
    Special Price USD 9.00 Regular Price USD 11.00
  4. Delightful Tea
    Agricultural Corporation, Agros Delightful Tea
    Special Price USD 9.00 Regular Price USD 11.00

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Agricultural Corporation, Agros

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