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YQueue Singapore

About YQueue Singapore

YQueue is a Singaporean start-up that specialises in the provision of in-house developed technological solutions and media productions for content marketing to help businesses improve sales, learn more about their customers, and grow brand loyalty.

YQueue aims to help business operators reduce manpower dependency and avoid unpleasant customer experiences caused by long waiting and service time. At the same time, it brings about a paradigm shift in consumer behaviours as it allows consumers to gain control over their time, which especially resonates with the digital natives.

Running on the business model of sustainable value-adds and building trust, YQueue aims to be the long-time, dependable brand solution for their partners, constantly building an all-rounded solution that acclimatizes to the evolving needs of the industry, as it operates on a single low, equitable transparent fee structure, as opposed to hidden costs and high fees commonly found in the industry.

Founded in Singapore since 2016, YQueue has established its presence in both Singapore and Australia, and is now planning its next strategic growth.

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  1. YQueue 23" Mounting Base Kiosk + Queue Display
    YQueue Singapore YQueue 23" Mounting Base Kiosk + Queue Display
  2. YQueue 23” Standing Kiosk
    YQueue Singapore YQueue 23” Standing Kiosk
  3. YQueue 23" Mounting Base Kiosk
    YQueue Singapore YQueue 23" Mounting Base Kiosk
  4. YQueue 24" Mounting Kiosk
    YQueue Singapore YQueue 24" Mounting Kiosk

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YQueue Singapore

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