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Our Vision:

“To be the Leading IT Infrastructure and Software Application Provider so as to achieve a value chain for IT to improve business processes for our groups of customers”


We are committed to helping your organization to transform and take your business to greater heights by leveraging technology. With our blend of skill, proven methodologies, and domain knowledge, we have established ourselves as a leading specialist in Business solutions and IT infrastructure Services.

Our insight and deep knowledge in our customers’ business processes allow us to offer innovative and agile solutions that reduce the cost and risk of deployment. We ensure that your business operations are supported by a dedicated team of professionals that have more than 20 years of experience, and provide you with robust solutions that will maximize your operation efficiencies and improve customer loyalty.

Our growing pool of regional clients across industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Logistics and Distributions, and Retail and Hospitality, spans across Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Cactoz works collaboratively with our customers and partners. The two-way information exchange allows us to have in-depth industry knowledge and understanding of business operations. Your technology investment with us is assured. We have all the resources you need that allow you to embrace changing business dynamics with confidence.

Our solutions will enable your business to meet its full potential.


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